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About Us

During unprecedented times of Covid-19 pandemics, Si-Chi wanted a way to immerse her daughter in Chinese culture and language when school went from in-person to at home. With a mother in Taiwan but a family in America, Si-Chi was inspired to create her own educational aid as she exposed her daughter to a culture close to her heart and her family. 

Learning Chinese does not have to be a chore. This box was built on the dream that experiencing the Chinese language and culture could be fun and engaging. The immersion learning experience can be delivered by hands-on projects, and engaging beginner stories, immersing curious learners into Chinese heritage, culture, and language. 

Si-Chi created Bao Box to promote cross-cultural curiosity. She wanted to provide children a valuable immersion experience in the Chinese heritage, culture, and language. She aspires to create an environment filled with curiosity and empathy-- characteristics necessary for future leaders. Bao Box’s story starts with three heroes with superpowers. Sky is a shapeshifter, Lily has a magical bag, and Poe can time travel. However, their true superpowers are their courage, their curiosity, and their compassion toward others. We embark on an adventure with our superheroes. They lead our way to a new world of Chinese learning.

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Yesterday’s Story to tell Today’s 

Bao Box’s logo is a symbol of Chinese heritage across centuries. Historically known as Yuanbao, the boat-shaped logo mark is shaped to resemble the traditional Chinese money since the mid-13th century during the Yuan Dynasty. The Yuanbao was made of solid gold and its weight determined its value. Bao (寶/宝) in Chinese means treasure and baby childe. Bao Box is a knowledge treasure box for your kids to inspire curiosity about Chinese culture.

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