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What is included in each box?

Each box delivers an engaging children’s story to provide introductory exposure to Chinese culture and language. The box also includes a magazine and hands-on projects.

How are the crates designed?

Each Bao Box item is hand-picked and thoughtfully chosen to best immerse our adventurers through language, culture, and creativity. The stories may be written in the U.S but are carefully reviewed and proofread by Chinese and Taiwanese friends and Family.

What age range is recommended for Bao Box?

The book The Curious Journal of the Wonder Kids is written originally as a children’s book. However, adults who are curious about learning a new language will also enjoy it. The series does not require previous knowledge of Chinese language as the story is written in English and combines Chinese phrases throughout the story.

Do I have to know Chinese to read the book?

No. Each book is written in English with traditional Chinese characters throughout. No previous knowledge is needed. Just an open mind and readiness to learn.

Will there be other boxes?

Yes. Bao Box started as a passion project, but as the brand grows, new adventures and projects await.

Where do you ship?

Bao Box currently ships only in the US. Be on the lookout for international shipping later.

Can I buy the items separately?

Currently, only our stories can be sold separately. You can purchase the story on the website or through Amazon.

How do I use Bao Box in my Classroom?

Bao Box combines Chinese heritage learning experience with social-emotional learning. The box also combines heritage immersion experience with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) skills development. The skills of problem-solving, communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking are encouraged throughout. Visit our For Educator Page for an example of a basic lesson guide and how it connects to your classroom standards and curriculum.

What areas of curriculum does Bao Box cover?

  • English Language Arts (3.3,4.1, 4.3,4.4, 4.7)

  • Mathematics (3.NBT.A.2, 4.NBT.B.4)

  • Social Studies (History)

  • Social Emotional (Social Engagement, Social Awareness, Self-Awareness) 

  • Visit our For Educator Page for more information

Are there resources to help me fund boxes for my classroom?

Bao Box passionately supports cross-cultural diversity. We offer an Enrichment Grant for U.S Title One School where teachers and faculty can apply for enough boxes for their classroom.  Start an application here [insert link]  and unlock a heritage that could change a kid's life.

How much does shipping cost?

U.S Shipments are Free for purchases $45 or over.

What are the payment options?

Currently, we accept credit cards or debit cards online.

I haven’t received my crate shipment. What do I do?

If you haven't received a shipment after two weeks and your tracking updates have stalled, contact us at

How do I update my billing information?

Purchases with Bao Box do not require an account, but if you make an account, billing information can be accessed by logging in to your Bao Box Account and selecting ‘My Wallet’ under the Welcome drop-down menu.

Where can I find tracking information?

After making a purchase with us, you will receive an email from Real Bao Box letting you know we received your order and that tracking information will be available when shipped. Once shipped, you will receive an email with a UPS Tracking Number.

What shipping options are available?

Currently, we only offer standard shipping with a two-week arrival time.

How do I receive shipping notifications?

Once your purchase is shipped, you will receive a UPS tracking number. You can subscribe to Tracking Updates through your UPS tracking page.

How do I update my shipping address?

If an order was placed and the address needs to be updated contact or when you receive your tracking number, reroute your page through UPS

What is your return policy?

Bao Box has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Notify of your concerns or if you received a damaged box and we will send you a new one or refund you.

Do you offer gift cards?

Of course! Bao Box accommodates gift giving by allowing different shipping details from payment details. We also encourage eGift cards here where you can send a loved one $25-$200 to spend on multiple products.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer gift wrapping. Our boxes arrive in our branded boxes with a shipping label.

I received a Bao Box Gift card - what do I do now?

E-Gift Cards can be redeemed and used towards your next Bao Box purchase. Under your checkout payment section, a ‘Redeem Gift Card’ option is available. You can enter the gift card code and use the balance to apply towards your order.

Do you accept orders from schools and other organizations?

Yes! Bao Box strongly encourages teachers, schools, and organizations to use Bao Box. Read more about how Bao Box can be used in the classroom here [insert link] and email if you have any questions about large orders. 

Do you have any products I can use in a classroom?

Our boxes are made for outside and inside the classroom. With easy-to-assemble toys, our boxes are safe for the classroom and do not require 1:1 adult supervision. See our Educators page here [insert link]  to see how Bao Box can be used in the classroom.

How do I contact Bao Box?

Please email and we will respond promptly. We encourage our customers to review our FAQ sections to find the most commonly asked questions and receive faster solutions.

How do I report a problem with my box?

We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. We aim to deliver a quality product. Please email to let us know what happened, and we can send you a free replacement.

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