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About Bao Box

Inspiring curiosity for Chinese heritage, Bao Box was designed for a range of audiences. For Beginners of all ages to classroom instructors, we combined comic stories with hands-on activities to deliver a cross-disciplinary Chinese culture and language learning experience for everyone. Inside each box, we weave heritage learning experiences with social emotional learning and immersion with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.)  skills development. Bao Box encourages problem-solving, communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Each box has a theme that connects the stories and exercises through a magazine and interactive project. The box comes with learning tools that require no extra parts to assemble. No previous knowledge is needed. Just an open mind and a readiness to learn.

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The Perfect Ten: Special Edition (The Curious Journal of the Wonder Kids) Kindle Edition

Enter the Wonder Kids world where Sky, Lily, and Poe travel through The Spirit Wind Chimes into new adventures. These seemingly normal kids have superpowers that help them solve problems and journey across time. Sky can speak to animals and change form. Lily has a magic bag with anything you can think of inside. And Poe is a wizard with his time-traveling calligraphy brush. The three friends start their adventure when Sky loses her magic power amulet. They need to solve riddles and find hidden numbers to recover it. 

This is a cross-genre creation, combining comics, fantasy, Chinese folk tales, learning Chinese numbers, and playing sudoku. Through heritage learning, children also reinforce and further their knowledge of other subjects (e.g. math, art, language). This is also a work for social-emotional learning. The true superpowers of the Wonder Kids are their courage, curiosity, and compassion toward others. Children will acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the world language and its cultures.

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What is included in each box?

Each box delivers an engaging children’s story to provide introductory exposure to Chinese culture and language. The box also includes a magazine and hands-on projects.

Do I have to know Chinese to read the book?

No. Each book is written in English with traditional Chinese characters throughout. No previous knowledge is needed. Just an open mind and readiness to learn.

How do I use Bao Box in my classroom?

Bao Box combines Chinese culture learning experience with social-emotional learning and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) skills development. The skills of problem-solving, communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking are encouraged throughout. Visit our For Educator Page to explore how it connects to your classroom standards and curriculum.

What age range is recommended for Bao Box?

The book The Curious Journal of the Wonder Kids is written originally as a children’s book. However, adults who are curious about learning a new language will also enjoy it. The series does not require previous knowledge of Chinese language as the story is written in English and combines Chinese phrases throughout the story.

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