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Sky, Lily, and Poe are the Wonder Kids. They each have super powers. Sky can speak to animals and change form. Lily’s magic bag has anything and everything you can think of. Poe uses his calligraphy brush for time travel. The Spirit Wind Chime takes them to new adventures. They are about to start an adventure. Sky lost her magic power amulet. They need to solve riddles and find hidden numbers.

This is a cross-genre creation, combining comics, fantasy, Chinese folk tales, learning Chinese numbers, and playing sudoku. Through the world language learning, children also reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines (e.g. math, art, language). This is also a creation for social-emotional learning. The true superpowers of the Wonder Kids are their courage, curiosity, and compassion toward others. Children will acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the world language and its cultures.


About Us

Bao Box is created to provide families and educators quality educational books and toys to inspire kids to learn about Chinese historical inventions, language, and culture. We design this cross-disciplinary product that allows curious children to learn about science evolution and a world language at the same time. This is the first product in the market that combines science, history, language, and culture to help children connect the dots across different areas and to motivate creativity, curiosity, and compassion toward world culture and heritage.

We use four principles to guide our content creation: 

  1. We design cross-disciplinary learning experiences to inspire a generation of curious and empathetic leaders.

  2. We choose words that are respectful, curious, and empowering, teaching kids to communicate deeply and effectively with others.

  3. We emphasize diverse ethnicity representations in our stories and illustrations. We want kids of diverse backgrounds to see and understand the positive impacts they can bring to others and how they fit in the world. 

  4. We reinvent historical folk tales to blend in modern mindsets, creating superhero characters in our stories to model the positive behaviors.



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